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Wi-Fi powerline adapter kit (twin pack) with 1 Ethernet port


What are Wi-Fi powerline adapters?

Wi-Fi powerline adapters provide a convenient way to extend your wireless network around your home without the need for long cabling, by using your existing electrical wiring. They also offer an Ethernet port in case you also want a wired connection for any of your devices (i.e. TV set-top-box or games console etc).

Why Wi-Fi powerline adapters?

  • You can connect your devices to the internet in any room that has a working power socket – so you don’t have to rely on your router’s Wi-Fi connection reaching it
  • A better option than Wi-Fi repeaters or boosters as it uses electrical wiring to connect to the router rather than trying to stretch a weak Wi-Fi signal
  • You don’t have to run cables all over your home – they use your existing electrical wiring
  • You can connect both wired and wirelessly
  • They are very easy to set up and come with a step by step user guide
  • They offer a secure connection
How do they work?

Plug one powerline adapter into a plug socket near your router, then the other one in a plug socket in another room of your house to extend your connection.

For further information on powerline adapters and how they can benefit you, please visit:

This is our Wi-Fi powerline kit and includes:

  • A pair of 1 Ethernet port Wi-Fi powerline adapters - get Wi-Fi coverage in parts of your home where you struggle to get a connection, plus connect 1 device via a wired connection (e.g YouView set-top box and another device)
Things to consider

  • If your electrical wiring is old or in need of repair, your broadband speeds on the devices using powerline adapters might suffer
  • Even if your wiring is new, it’s still not as fast as using an Ethernet cable alone
  • Your speeds may also suffer if the sockets you use are far apart (we recommend up to a distance of 300 metres)
  • They might not work in extensions or outbuildings if they have a separate wiring system to the rest of your house

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